I have been blessed to be hired at a school that uses an innovative scheduling idea that they created! Our "wave" schedule gives us the majority of our "specials" on one day out of every six days. Each day gets labeled with a letter and each grade level gets assigned a letter day.  So for almost an entire day, our PLC has the opportunity to meet, plan, discuss students, etc...

I have heard that it takes a little bit of getting used to, but I am excited to try it and think that the uninterrupted instruction that the students will receive on most other days of the week will be highly beneficial for student growth and learning and the large chunk of planning time utilized by my team will allow us to actually PLAN rather than spend 30 minutes PREPPING!

My schedule, stated in simpler terms is the cute one below. And the schedule that breaks down each day a little more in depth has also been included.

*Note: 10x10x10 is our way of providing instruction and structure during physical activity time formerly known as recess. This includes 10 minutes of warm ups, 10 minutes of structured activity (kickball, relay races, etc..), 10 minutes free play.

Schedule hello

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  1. Love the schedule template! Is this something you created yourself. Want to share? I'm obsessed with owls this year. So cute!!