Classroom Pictures!

I am very excited to share my classroom pictures and show off the many DIY projects and pinterest inspired ideas that helped me reach a clean, organized, and fun classroom for the 2012-2013 school year!

View of library and CAFE/FACE area

Library-book bins for students and genre baskets for books

 Genre Posters

Another view of library!

Writing Materials

Writing Materials and Vocabulary Word area

Love these Fun Printables!

Teacher area

Pinterest inspired  Objective frames project
Close up!
Forgive me- I can't remember where I found this cute FREE "In our Classroom" poster that I had printed at Walgreens!

Lots of cute owl stuff on Mardel's website for reasonable prices!

A little bit of ME! 

So I need to do something on the front of my desk, I see!

Math Word Wall!

Twitter board- will mainly be used for "Exit Slips" Inspiration Here and Here

I am in love with this very useful and interactive Facebook board! Inspiration Here

See the little profile pictures? Student pictures will be on the back, name labels stuck to the pocket, and students will flip their picture around from profile pic to real photo each day to show they are here. Students will also move their (magnetic) pocket to their mode of transportation as needed.

My understanding is that students get three lunch choices- students will move their "like" magnet to the appropriate area each morning for a quick visual lunch count! 

Important reminders, student summary of our status for the day/week, new pictures, etc... will go here! 

Homework area on the far right, where student homework assignments will be posted.

 Birthday board Inspiration

Behavior clip chart- please excuse the desks, have a few too many! 

From the back looking front- Mountain math (school program) on left bulletin board.

This will soon look like This

Hall passes on clothes pins for students to clip to themselves- bye bye germs in the bathroom!  Inspiration

Welcome to my room!

From door looking in!

Crate seats that I didn't exactly create the "right" way but still cute!  Inspiration

Turning in work! Inspiration

And my cute owl theme pack was purchased here- Owl Theme Pack

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. You make me miss teaching! This is soo clean and organized. Your students are lucky to have you!!!