Common Core Graphic Organizer (Sneak Peek)

Now that my classroom is neat and organized, it's time to start thinking more extensively about curriculum, instruction, and assessment and of course COMMON CORE. I feel at a slight disadvantage because while teachers were "unpacking" the standards last year, I was running the professional development and didn't take as in depth of a look at it as they did.

Anyway, homework was on my mind today and I thought about the Thinking Maps I used as homework before. Basically, students would receive one page with Thinking Maps on each side, totaling 4 for the week. Each night, students would read 20 minutes, then "respond" to their reading by completing a map.

I wanted to match this activity to Common Core standards and be very intentional with my practice activities so I decided to start to create my own graphic organizers to match the standards.

What I love about these: 
1. I don't work in a county where all graphic organizers are mandated to be Thinking Maps
2. Common Core standard reference on every organizer
3. I CAN statement on every organizer-this allows students (and parents) to see WHY they are doing what they are doing.

So here are the first few, of course it is a work in progress, but I am too excited to wait until they are all finished! I am still working on converting to PDF also, but I promise I will share when I do! 

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  1. I love these writing activities. I just work with my daughter at home (she goes to school but is a K-er reading at a 2nd grade level so I'm trying to keep her love/desire to learn more going). Is there anyway to get copies of your templates? lexielou67@hotmail.com